"Prison Break" segunda temporada en guiri el 21 de agosto! uee XD


TV Guide spoke with "Prison Break" creator Paul T. Scheuring this week about prime time's great escape serial and what's in store for the upcoming season which premieres August 21st. Here's a sample:

Looking ahead to Season 2, are there things you will focus on more, or less? Will it feel like a different show?

In a lot of ways it's going to feel like a different series. Obviously, it's all still the exact same story and a continuation of it, but the prison will very quickly regress into the background. We have a new home, which are the roads and small towns and highways of the United States. In that sense, it's going to be a very different show visually, and in terms of feel, but all the characters are the same in terms of their ultimate aspirations.

One obvious question is about what's going to keep the guys from going their own separate ways?

They are going to go their separate ways; it just wouldn't be realistic for them to cruise around in a scrum together because they're at such odds with each other and they have disparate aims.

And some or all of them are after D.B. Cooper's money?

There are some subchapters within Season 2 and a pretty big one is dedicated to that, because a lot of different people need that money for different reasons, which will again put them at odds.

Did I read or hear somewhere that two major characters are going to die?

I don't want to give you a number on that, but people will be surprised within the first third of the year just how many people will pay the price for this escape. We're playing this escape as if it's Pandora's box; in and of itself the escape seems to be an endgame, but they soon realize they've opened up a much larger can of worms than they thought. We're playing for keeps here, and we want to show in very real terms the ramifications.


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