DRAGONFORCE to Remix debut album Valley Of The Damned with bonus DVD


<- !!! grandiosa noticia! teniendo en cuenta que la maqueta casi se oía mejor que el disco... XD

DRAGONFORCE are gearing up to re-release their debut album, entitled Valley of the Damned - Remixed & Remastered, with a bonus DVD in October 2007. [...]

<- pongo el videoclip de la maqueta de Valley Of The Damned

Guitarist Herman Li has issued the following statement:

"For some time now we've been thinking about how great it would be that one day we could remix and remaster the Valley Of The Damned album and re-release it.

I still remember the amount of time and effort we spent recording that album, and financing it myself! Ignoring all the deadlines that were set for the delivery of the master tapes, we went into a lengthy recording period only to finally run out of money which meant we didn't have the time to give the songs the mix and production sound they deserve. [...]

To tell you the truth, the original release was mixed in only 36 hours as we spent most of the time working on capturing the best performances and improving the songs as much as possible.

We have spent the last three weeks with producer Karl Groom remixing all the songs and giving more attention to detail than we previously had a chance to do. [...]

Best to you all,
Herman Li"

-- Interviews with the band members and producer [...]

-- Previously unreleased professionally filmed live video recording from their first Japanese tour (commentary versions from Herman and Vadim, and from ZP and Karl)

-- DragonForce Home videos; see through the eyes of Sam and ZP in Japan on the day of the show.

-- Footage from the drum recording session in Denmark (commentary version from Herman and Vadim)

-- Remixing Valley Of The Damned: get technical with Herman, Vadim and producer Karl Groom. See how they remixed the album.


Vyoljann said…
normal si eske esta mzklado kon el ojal XDDDDDD

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