DRAGONFORCE Guitarist Herman Li Answers Fan Questions


una entrevista loca a DragonForce XD

Leith: i heard that frantic masturbation made you such a fast guitarist, is this true ?!

Isn't it true for everyone? The others just don't wanna admit it. :)

Martin: Herman, just out of interest, have you ever gotten into an accident with your hair and your guitar? With hair that long, and shredding that fast its only a matter of time really.

Many times! Sometimes the hair goes on the fretboard while I am playing. With the songs going that fast, I don't get much time to move the hair away, so sometimes I just play while the hair is on the fretboard and hope that it won't mute the string out. One of the worst things is when playing windy open air festivals, the hair get blown into your mouth. Once it went down my throat which really wasn't pleasant!

adam16: who do you think is the sexyist womaan in rock/metal today?

There aren't many to choose from! Just off the top of my head now, the singer from Dutch band Epica looks rather tasty.

maggot_queen: how long did it take to shoot the video for 'through fire and flames'?

Roughly 14 hours. The solos were done really quick though. Took about 30 minutes?

Bree: Hey hey! This is a 2 part question. 1/ Well, I have recently discovered the delights of metal and I'm looking into some new bands. DragonForce is definitely one im looking into, but I really want to get a good idea on what good bands are out there? Can you help me out? 2/ Just a random question here: what is the most WEIRDEST thing one of the DragonForce members has done? I just figured I'd throw in that one! Thanks!

1. What good bands? Depends what you like, there are so many great bands in different styles. Right now, I am listening to Angra's latest album.
2. Sam signing 3 ppl's asses and cocks in 1 night after the show. I bet he might have even wanked them off!

Ogre: If you weren't an awesome musician, would you either be..a) a pimp or b) a professional hair grower?

c) maybe a computer geek? Geeks run the world :) Not sure really...

barry: Why do you think your style of music is appealing to such a wide audience? Many different people and groupings in society are interested in your music, just not rabid metal fans! Can you pinpoint a reason for your diverse following?

We put the best of all styles of rock and metal into one style. There are a lot of different things people like about us. I think a lot of our fans can relate to our personalities too. We aren't a bunch of dudes that try hard to act like rock stars suddenly.

The songs are catchy, melodic, easy sing along and we have developed our own sound. On top of that, we play it in our own crazy way. Every member in DragonForce is an accomplish musician and we work well together.

Simon: What is the point of the male nipple?

Gives the opposite sex an extra thing to lick or suck on?

Alex: How the heck did you guys start/get the idea of playing on trampollines? Did you have to practice doing it?

We practiced with them live on stage!!! First time we had it was at the Wacken Open Air last year in Germany. Sam just turned up to my house with one he just bought in a shop, it was totally random!
We just threw it on stage and hoped for the best of what we would get out of it. It wasn't the best day to try it out because it was raining and the stage was slippery as fuck! We got pretty good at it now, as like we haven't had many accidents from them recently


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