Wolverine, Magneto, Gambit (Sawyer!?), Constantine 2


During the press day for the comedy "Unaccompanied Minors", producer Lauren Shuler Donner sat down to talk with IESB about the film and the various comic book sequels she's involved in:

In regards to talk of Bryan Singer possibly helming the "Wolverine" film, she says "I would love it. We would love nothing more than to have Bryan do Wolverine, but Bryan is developing the sequel to Superman so I don't know, it depends on scheduling, but nothing would please all of us more". They hope to do the "Wolverine" project in the fall with the script now ready to go and the project out to directors.

"Magneto" is still moving too = "We have a really great script, we have a director that is interested and he'll do a rewrite on the script".

Will we ever see Gambit? "I think we would weave Gambit within our story, it wouldn't be "The Gambit Movie"". As for her pick for the role? "In "Lost" the guy, what's his name, there was a guy in there that was the perfect Gambit, the guy with the straight hair, good-looking, the bad boy, Sawyer, Sawyer [Josh Holloway]".

Constantine 2
Keanu Reeves will be back she says, and "We have been working with a team of writers to come up with a story... We are really going to go for it this time. The area that we found is great...it's really scary, it's good". She adds it will be set outside the US, but NOT in the UK. Francis Lawrence will produce but a new director is being sought.


Anonymous said…
Cómo me molaría una película de Gambito. Es uno de los personajes que más me gustan.
Pero aún siguen dando vueltas a la de El motorista fantasma de Nicholas Cage, que se tenía que haber estrenado hace mil años...

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