"Royale" Gets Cut For Britain


Unlike most men of British origin, it seems James Bonds dangly bits will undergo the snip.

The BBFC have ordered cuts to a violent torture scene in the new Bond movie "Casino Royale" in order for it to obtain the 12A censorship rating.

The scene, arguably the most famous from the novel, features 007 having his genitalia struck violently with a carpet beater.

Director Martin Campbell cut "lingering shots of a rope, close shots of Bond's facial reaction and substituted a more distant shot of the beating compared to the original version" says UK Teletext.

The torture sequence was then re-edited for the British cut of the film, though international and DVD cuts of the film are expected to remain intact.

No official confirmation as yet though whether this is the case despite enquiries.

This isn't the first time this has happened, in fact both of Pierce Brosnan's first two outings as Bond - "Goldeneye" and "Tomorrow Never Dies" - featured edits in the British versions in order to secure a release.


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