LUCA TURILLI: "my next solo album will try to be the imaginery 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part 3' that I would have liked to heard" !!!!!!

RHAPSODY OF FIRE Guitarist LUCA TURILLI checks in with the following update:

"Hi my friends,

I just came back from Wolfsburg where I ended the first part of the production for the second DREAMQUEST album (please check for more details).

During that time I had also the possibility to plan the production of my fourth solo album. I can already tell you that the next album will be the solo album I always dreamed of. <- uoh XD

Olaf Hayer will be the absolute hero of the fourth release. I always thought his voice sounds very similiar to the one of Michael Kiske (please check our cover of 'I Am Alive' if you have some doubts!) And I will never deny that thanks to Michael's voice and the two 'Keepers' from HELLOWEEN I started loving the melodic speed metal around 20 years ago. <- ahi recordando los clasicos :D XD

And so here we come with my crazy vision... my next solo album will try to be the imaginery 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part 3' that I would have liked to heard sung by Michael Kiske in 1990, a 'monumentum' to melodic speed/power metal with anthemic refrains and sing-a-long melodies. <- o___O !!!!! O_o !!! :O!!!!! dios!!!!!! XDDDDDD

But this is only a part of the whole plan. The new album will comprehend a giant orchestra too, a giant choir and a lot of very special guests for a complete cinematic approach. Just wait for it my friends, I am having so much fun composing it! <- !!!!!! XD

A great tour will follow the fourth solo album's release and me and Olaf will be then on all the stages worldwide to promote it in the best way. <- y un tour tb!!!!! XD, hoy es dia de los inocentes?? a luca se la ido la pinza!! hallelujah!!!!!!! ^_______^ XDDDD

Stay tuned for more info! Best wishes!"

Luca Turilli released his latest solo album, The Infinite Wonders Of Creation, through Magic Circle Music/SPV on May 26th in Germany, the rest of Europe on May 29th and in North America on June 6th.


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