Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CELLADOR Tape "In Their Own Words" Episode For UVTV

CELLADOR’s Chris Peterson caught up with Underground Video Television (UVTV) to tape an episode of In Their Own Words.

Chris explains his vision for the band both musically and lyrically, the formation of Cellador, and how he found the other band members. Chris goes on to tell the story of how their demo fell into the hands of Metal Blade and resulted in their signing. Chris also gives his thoughts on the future of the band and where he thinks Cellador will go musically and professionally in the coming years.

The video can be viewed at UVTV’s website. Also available are photos shot at the time of the video interview, in Worcester, MA .

UVTV will also have some live footage of Cellador from the Worcester, MA show, coming soon.

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