Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Former Frontman MICHAEL KISKE To Record HELLOWEEN Classics Acoustically :O


de un Q&A:

potato: "hello michiel,what will be your next record??a solo album?place vendome?the whised project with kai and grapow?

i can´t wait more! I need new songs for make my life better!

La pregunta en español: ¿Cual va a ser tu próximo disco? Disco en solitario, Place Vendome,...?"


Michael Kiske: "Since I always need a bit of time to get another (good) record written. I talk with Frontiers-Records right now about a full acoustic CD with all my old Helloween songs re-arranged.

Serafino had this idea and I like it very much. But we are still sorting the deal out.

I think this is a very good thing to do, because it shows people how those songs can also sound. And I still like most of them. But it will be very different!

So the next thing might be ''sort'' of a solo-record if you will.

Michael Kiske"

porcierto, ese gran LifH haciendo esa gran pagina XDDD, solo le falta RSS XDDDD

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