Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michael Shanks ("Daniel Jackson") habla sobre "Rage of Angels"


Actors Christopher Judge ("Teal'c") and Michael Shanks ("Daniel Jackson") have something new in the works: a TV series pilot called Rage of Angels.

Shanks talked about the project in a new interview with iF Magazine.

"Christopher Judge has written a script called Rage of Angels, that he told me late in the game that I was attached to it! MGM is going to produce the pilot and we're going to make it a series. Brad Turner from 24 fame is on tap to direct."


"Chris's character is basically Gabriel, who has come to Earth find the angel Michael, who has disappeared. And he's basically fed up with the rules of heaven preventing interaction on any level. He casts away the rules of heaven and decides to go look for Michael, and in the process hunt down whatever Lucifer brings to the table.

"And oddly enough I'll be playing Lucifer," Shanks laughed. "It'll be an interesting dynamic there. I'll be playing a misunderstood guy -- someone with daddy issues."

"Hopefully, we'll shoot it by late fall and we'll see where that goes," Shanks said.