Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gibson Planning A "Maverick" Return?


If it didn't have quotes I wouldn't of believed it, even now I'm very skeptical.

According to Hollywood.com, Mel Gibson and James Garner are keen to get together for a sequel to their 1994 western comedy "Maverick."

Gibson tells WENN that"There's talk of doing another Maverick. Garner and I have been looking at that for a while. It'd be fun to play that character again.

"I think audiences would probably like to see him again too. We really cooked the first time. We've got some great ideas--I think audiences will enjoy what we've got in mind. It won't be happening immediately, but I dare say, it'll happen" he adds.

Gibson went on to add that he won't be re-visiting his two biggest franchises - "We've put Mad Max and Lethal Weapon behind us now. There's nowhere to move with those characters. We were pushing it with the last ones."

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