Some details have emerged regarding the upcoming Saw III soundtrack which will see a release on October 24th through Warcon. The tentative list of tracks for the effort so far run as follows:

SLAYER - 'Eyes Of The Insane' (exclusive remix)
MASTODON - 'The Wolf Is Loose'
LAMB OF GOD - 'Walk With Me In Hell'
HELMET - 'Monochrome'
ALL THAT REMAINS - 'This Calling'
DRAGONFORCE - 'Fury Of The Storm'
CHARLIE CLOUSER - 'Score Suite' (exclusive
AS I LAY DYING - 'Empty Hearts'
EVERY TIME I DIE - 'Guitared & Feathered'
HYDROVIBE - 'Killer Inside'
BLUE OCTOBER - 'Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek'
OPIATE FOR THE MASSES - 'Naked' (unreleased track)
DRY KILL LOGIC - 'My Dying Heart' (unreleased track)

Helmet's track 'Monochrome' will serve as the lead single from the release and a video for it with a Saw styled narrative is currently in the works. In anticipation of the opening of Saw III, which hits theaters October 27th, the Saw franchise teams up with Warcon Records to begin “pulling out all the stops” with a show at Webster Hall in New York City, October 19th. The show focuses on the musical side of Saw. The night will be headlined by HELMET, THE SMASHUP and other artists to be announced. The show will be hosted by Shawnee Smith (who stars as Amanda in all three Saw films). Special guests from the SAW franchise will also make appearances.


Janus Ð Zeal said…
ahi ahi, unos Europeos XD menos mal XD (y de SPEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD)

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