IRON MAIDEN - Orchestral Tribute To Piece Of Mind Due September 19th

Vitamin Records has confirmed a September 19th release date for the IRON MAIDEN tribute album, The Hand Of Doom Orchestra Plays Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind: The Orchestral Tribute. The album is described as follows at Vitamin website:

"Amongst the dust and debris of time and trends, Iron Maiden stands alone. Fans readily embrace the band’s impossible-to-copy mixture of intelligent lyrics, complex music, and memorable visuals. While Number Of The Beast may receive the critical accolades, the follow up, Piece of Mind, also proves to be an undisputed masterpiece. Between exhilarating yet stark portrayals of battle and clever adaptations of literature, guitars thunder, the rhythm gallops, and Bruce Dickinson’s voice soars. Piece Of Mind ultimately bursts with songs critical to Iron Maiden’s career. The Hand Of Doom Orchestra triumphantly performs Piece Of Mind in its epic entirety. The power of classical music has never been lost on Iron Maiden. On this album, violins, woodwinds, cello, and classical guitar combine to create immense and rich instrumental renditions of 'Revelations' and 'The Trooper'. The Hand Of Doom Orchestra creates a symphonic masterpiece that retains Iron Maiden’s timeless vitality."

You can listen to audio samples here.

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1 Where Eagles Dare
2 Revelations
3 Flight of Icarus
4 Die With Your Boots On
5 The Trooper
6 Still Life
7 Quest For Fire
8 Sun and Steel
9 To Tame A Land


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