STRATOVARIUS Guitarist TIMO TOLKKI Working On Rock Opera

STRATOVARIUS guitarist TIMO TOLKKI has issued the following update:

"Saana-Warrior Of Light ... is a work in progress. For two years I have had this idea in my head and it won´t leave me be. It will be a Rock Opera, but not in a sense that many of the records using 'rock or metal opera' are.

All the singers in this are carefully chosen and I have been auditioning singers already six months. So it´s not just that I invite some famous names to sing something. The character that sings the part really has to fit and feel the meaning of the music and lyrics.

I have spent quite some time with the top candidates to get to know them personally. This is very important when I will write the music. And I prefer them to be new talents. During X-mas I have been writing the story and it just pours out of me. I am writing it in Finnish, but I will translate it in English after it´s ready.

I have been negotiating with several record companies about this release and the interest has been very good. There will be a press release in a bout a month and a website dedicated for this project. Then the cast will be revealed as well. There have been some rumours about TARJA TURUNEN (ex-NIGHTWISH) playing the main role but those are untrue. Although I first wanted a Finnish person for the main role, the story has evolved so much that it is not necessary anymore.

And last but not least, I want to wish all of you, who hopefully survived the X-mas madness, a happy and fulfilling 2007. May your dreams come true!!"


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