Richard Kelly: "Southland Tales" Better Than Ever!

weno, la nueva peli de Richard Kelly (el de Donnie Darko) es Southland Tales, y duraba 3 horas XD, asi ke la cortaron a sako y la dejaron en 2 horas pa sacarla en cines, pero Richard Kelly decia ke asi era una mierda, asi ke....

In a comment on his MySpace blog this week, Kelly says "I have been finishing A SHORTER cut of Southland Tales under their [Sony Pictures] supervision. It has been a great experience and I feel like the film is now in better shape than ever. The film will absolutely be released in theaters, and Sony is still deciding on an appropriate release date and strategy".

He adds: "I am incredibly proud of this film and excited for it to be seen. What you will see in theaters will absolutely be my cut of the film".


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