As previously reported, EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet is working on another AVANTASIA album. KISS/ALICE COOPER drummer Eric Singer has officially joined the project. Tobias offers the following update:

"We've recorded the drums in Hamburg at Vox-Klangstudio, where we recorded the drums of Edguy's Hellfire Club too. Great room, great equipment! Eric is a killer drummer and a cool guy to work with. It is really exciting to hear his interpretation of European style metal. It definitely adds something fresh and unique to the sound, mainly because he's got a different approach to that kind of music. And although he doesn't do it with Alice Cooper, Kiss and SpongeBob Squarepants' solo band: There IS fast doublebass shit on Avantasia, and Eric did a great job!!! You'll hear it, it's fantastic. Go visit his website www.eric-singer.com and leave him a nice message!

Anyway, listening to the material so far I can really say that even though the new Avantasia will be a different conceptual story, the ambition remains the same: To create something epic and big! (a mi todo lo epic and big me parece bien XDDDD)Or how Eric put it, Let's make some kewl music! No doubt, the spirit of Avantasia is there - in every note. Happy new year everybody and let's have a great and peaceful 2007. - Tobias"


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