[Yoshikadas] Yoshiki+Gackt+Sugizo+.. ¿Miyavi? :O


Unofficial News:

Miyavi MIGHT be the GUITARIST and backing vocals for YOSHIKI and Gackt and SUGIZO's new band!


In this video to fans Miyavi announces he's joining a band but he cant announce its name or the members until early 2007. He does says that he's joined forces with a "Very COOL BIG BROTHER"~ (there's been rumours of Miyavi joining the band from before so it looks likely)



ale said…
miyabi (con b) me molaba en dué el quartz, pero miyavi (con v) solo me pareció una mierda. espero que se me arregle todo porque con Yoshiki está claro que miyavi no sería protagonista.
Anonymous said…
miyaVi t parecio mierda!???????
no t puedo creer! yo lo amO como solista! a mi no m gusto en DeQ! xD!
buenu.. hara grupo con Gackt?!! omg!!!!!!!!!! mi tb ama a gackt! ohh ziii! <3!

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