James Cameron quiere a Arnold para el remake de "Saturno 3"


James Cameron, Arnold friend and movie director, has just announced not only will he get back into the director chair for AVATAR but he is also considering Schwarzenegger for a new Sci-fi role a few years down the road!

Several fans, including Shannon, wrote TheArnoldFans and informed us of a "Saturn 3" remake!

Shannon writes: Hi Arnold Fans, Wasssssup!? You probably already heard, but on KISS-FM with odm tonight they mentioned that Cameron - while tanking on about "Avatar" and how the script is apparently terrific - also has plans to produce a remake of the Kirk Douglas movie, "Saturn 3" and possibly have 'The Old Governator' (direct quote) play the robot.

Get ya ass to Saturn! Get ya ass to Saturn! Get ya ass to Saturn!

ke espere sentao.. XD xcierto esa de Saturn 3 mmm me suena ke la tengo bajada XD habra ke verla XD


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