TURISAS - New Song Medley Available

Finnish metallers TURISAS are releasing their sophomore album, The Varangian Way, in June via Century Media Records.

"We definitely have high expectations lined up after the success of our debut album “Battle Metal””, says vocalist and producer Warlord says in a band update. “Quite often the second album is done in a rush and doesn’t live up to the standards of the debut. We took three years to get it right, and there's no doubt about it: The Varangian Way tops Battle Metal with such ease I almost feel sorry for our debut."

<- bien hecho XD, BATTLE!!! METAL!!!! \m/¡

In order to get a first taste check out a medley of two brand-new songs, 'To Holmgard And Beyond' and 'A Portage To The Unknown' at this location.

<- uh uh, coros epicos y gloriosos XD, interesting ^O^

Warlord continues: "another small detail that still emphasizes the uniqueness of The Varangian Way is the fact that all solos were played on an electric violin instead of a guitar – and there are many more tiny details that you will notice while listening to the album. Graphic artist, illustrator and designer John Coulthart (CRADLE OF FILTH; HAWKWIND; poster and cover art for spoken word albums by writer Alan Moore (Watchmen, V For Vendetta) did the stunning artwork for this special album that will give you further insight on the brave travelers’ journey through the East."



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