Sunday, March 25, 2007

[Torrent] X - 'Blue Blood' and 'Jealousy' Special Edition Remasters

The limited edition remasters of Japan's finest metal export. Next to Helloween and Maiden, X are my fav 80's metal band by far. These editions are rare, so enjoy


1 World Anthem
2 Blue Blood
3 Week End
4 Easy Fight Ramblling
5 X
6 Endless Rain
7 紅
8 Xclamation
9 オルガスム
10 Celebration
11 Rose of Pain
12 Unfinished
13 Blue Blood (instrumental)
14 Week End (instrumental)
15 X (instrumental)
16 Endless Rain (instrumental)
17 紅 (instrumental)
18 Celebration (instrumental)
19 Rose of Pain (instrumental)
20 Unfinished (instrumental)


1 Es Dur のピアノ線
2 Silent Jealousy
3 Miscast
4 Desperate Angel
5 White Wind From Mr. Martin
6 Voicless Screaming
7 Stab Me In The Back
8 Love Replica
9 Joker
10 Say Anything
11 Silent Jealousy (instrumental)
12 Miscast (instrumental)
13 Desperate Angel (instrumental)
14 Voicless Screaming (instrumental)
15 Stab Me In The Back (instrumental)
16 Joker (instrumental)
17 Say Anything (instrumental)

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comprobemos esa ultimisima tecnologia de remasterizacion... XD y karaokes! :D

EDIT: me comentan ke el torrent no funciona
En X Radical Dreamers hay links a los dos discos en Megaupload (junto con mucho más material de X ^O^ XD)

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