Toshi: "Our new project is about to start soon"

Leo en el foro de ke Toshi ha dejado un nuevo mensaje en su página oficial: (en ingles, se agradece XD)


I had a chance to visit Los Angeles, U.S. for several days recently.
I met an old friend of mine at his recording studio during my stay. <- kien sera?XD (yoshiki)

I visited the studio after 10 years, it was much bigger than before,
and to my suprise, its facilities and recording machineries were much more gorgeous.
Maybe one of the top quality recording studios ever!
I was glad it was just like him.

I heard a song created by my friend at the world best studio.
We had a common friend who died almost 10 years ago (hide),
and the song came out of the sorrow, heartache and despair from the experience.
He said he made it at one sitting a few days after the friend's death. (se referirá a la cancion Without You)

It was such an authentic ballad of his favorite style,
with sad and ephemeral introduction by the piano overlapped with some beautiful melodies of the strings
and furthermore temporarily recorded male vocal.
I could not stop crying to hear the song,
and I wished from the bottom of my heart that it will reach the whole world.

I sang the song along the piano by my friend. He said he really wanted me to sing it.
He showed me its melody playing every single note elaborately and I sang like tracing it.
Words became a song with such a unique melody and rhythm of him.

He chose the right key for me,
saying "It will be just right for you to sing somewhat a tough key rather than a safe and comfortable one."

I tried to sing it all through, and tears welled up again.

"One song tells much more than million words."
That is what my old friend said with a strained voice.
He also seemed crying through his glasses.

It was a moment when both of us deeply touched.
Without many words, one song connected us again.
Maybe, our dear and lost friend did it for us.
Brought up together since childhood for 37 years,
we kept on running together anyway.
I got tired of dashing for the world market and told him that I would leave 10 years ago.
I wanted to sing songs to heal desolate hearts of mine and other people.
And I traved all though Japan for these 10 years,
directly meeting thousands of children, the old, truly a large number of people and singing for them.
It had been such a decate with heartfelt events, tears and learnings for myself.
Rooted on this precious experience,
I would like to sing and send this song of life generated from a sadness for a lost friend for our age.

Our new project is about to start soon,
with this "One Song telling more than Million Words".

March 21, 2007

y ahora la pregunta es, tiene esto algo ke ver con X Japan?, o haran un proyecto baladesco curanderometalsinelmetal?xd, kero una maldita rueda de prensa! XD


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